Re: PHI Telephone Number

From: Gordon F. Ross (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 06:09:51 EDT

Hi, Conrad! Thanks for your speedy reply and for the information!

It's interesting that just after I finished talking with the telephone
information operator for the 408 area code area (who had told me that PHI
was not listed in the San Jose area), the following flashed into my mind:
Try Los Altos! <grin> But I didn't act on it. I should use my intuition
more, I guess, huh?

I do appreciate your giving me their CIS address as well, however, since I
subscribe to CompuServe. Writing them there will save me the cost of a long
distance telephone call. Hmm, they might even be on the web.

Thanks, too, for mentioning the "Classics List" web site. Could you tell me
their web address? Someone there should be familiar with the current tools
used for studying the writings of the Latin Fathers and thus be able to
recommend a lexicon for Jerome's Latin or the Vulgate. Come to think of it,
someone who subscribes to the Elenchus message list should know. (I recently
subscribed to that list. It doesn't seem to be very active, though.)

By the way, what does "wustl" in your domain name stand for? Washington
University at St. Louis? (Just a guess.) Are you an instructor there? I
teach English at City College of San Francisco.

All the best --


At 08:51 PM 10/16/95 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>At 8:13 PM 10/16/95, Gordon F. Ross wrote:
>>Hi, I'm new to the list.
>>I'm interested in purchasing the Packard Humanities Institute CDROM(s) (for
>>IBM and compatibles). Do any of you happen to know the Institute's current
>>location and telephone number? I thought that they were in San Jose
>>(California) (I live in San Francisco), but apparently not.
>Here's the latest I find (don't know how current it is, but it's posted on
>the Classics List web site currently):
>Packard Humanities Institute
>300 Second St., Suite 201
>Los Altos, CA 94022
>Tel: (415) 948-0150
>Fax: (415) 948-5793
>>Also, do any of you happen to know whether there is a message list devoted
>>to studies of the Vulgate? What I'd like to find (buy) is a lexicon of
>>Vulgate Latin, if such an animal exists. :-)
>I don't know if there is such an animal. You can consult a Vulgate text on
>a web site called "Virtual Bible," but I don't have that URL handy.
>One out of two isn't so bad, huh?
>Carl W. Conrad
>Department of Classics, Washington University
>One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO, USA 63130
>(314) 935-4018
> OR

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