ethical considerations

Date: Thu Oct 19 1995 - 19:10:42 EDT

Hello, all.

I have a question, one that may have already been covered. Several times over
the past few months I've wanted to take messages from this group and share them
with other people. I'm wondering: are there some ethical guidelines regarding
use of these messages outside the group?

To wit: we once had a wonderful and enlightening (IMHO) discussion of Secret
Mark. I have shared the messages from that discussion with several of my
fellow students at Baylor, but have done so hesitantly. Is it ethical for me
to take material from the list and concatenate and print it for the edification
of non-list members?

My thinking is: when a message is offered to the entire list, it becomes
property of each participant. Therefore, as long as one uses a message in
context and doesn't alter the meaning of a message (i.e., "rewriting" someone
else's post), participants should be free to print, concatenate, and share
material from B-Breek at their discretion.

Is this the basic consensus of the group?

Grace and peace,

Perry L. Stepp, Baylor University

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