Re: ethical considerations

From: Stephen Carlson (
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 10:57:26 EDT wrote:
> My thinking is: when a message is offered to the entire list, it becomes
> property of each participant. Therefore, as long as one uses a message in
> context and doesn't alter the meaning of a message (i.e., "rewriting" someone
> else's post), participants should be free to print, concatenate, and share
> material from B-Breek at their discretion.

I'm not going to address the ethical considerations (except to note that
messages to B-Greek are probably not in a polished form that is intended
to be cited), there are copyright issues to consider as well. Generally,
a person is not free to copy, modify, or publically distribute a copy-
righted work without permission, except for fair use. That copyright
exists from the moment the message is written. So I object to the notion
that a message becomes the property of each participant; the author still
retains the copyright.

Stephen Carlson

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