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Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 02:35:34 EDT

RE > Ethical Considerations 10/20/95 2:13 PM

On 19 Oct, Perry Stepp wrote:

>I have a question, one that may have already been covered. Several
>times over the past few months I've wanted to take messages from this
>group and share them with other people. I'm wondering: are there some
>ethical guidelines regarding use of these messages outside the group?

I have to say that I've already forwarded to my pastor several of the things
that have come across the reflector and reprinted several things for others in
my Greek reading class, especially Edward Hobbs' wonderful commentary on
lexicons. Other people view me as a screen or filter for getting information
on Greek for which they don't have the time or the access. And other people
do that for me (one of my friends is on the evolution reflector). As in any
matter, you have to use ethics and common sense, but why not share the
information? Isn't that what this medium and this forum is all about?

Karen Pitts
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, NJ, teacher of NT Greek
David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ, statistician

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