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Date: Sat Mar 30 1996 - 07:20:08 EST

On 3/29/96, Nikolaos wrote:

> Carl W. Conrad gives proper historical and legal intepretation.
> Furhtermore, there is a theological reasoning,
> since the relationship between a husband and a wife is
> in a mystical (MYSTHRIO) form the representation of the relationship between
> Christ and Church.
> As a result it is a UNIQUE relationship.
> For the shake of economy after a death of one partner is allowed
> one to remarry. This is an exeption, not a rule.

I haven't cited the entire post, but I wish to state clearly, if anyone
really did misunderstand, that I never intended to offer a legal
interpretation, and in fact, offred only a purely speculative thought about
an analogy between the Roman cultural valuation of the uxor univira and the
(deutero-)Pauline phrase MIAS GUNAIKOS ANDRA. I have no theological axe to
grind on this matter whatsoever.

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