Re: Ads

From: David Moore (
Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 18:01:07 EDT

You wrote:
>I noticed that all the lists I am on get a deluge of ads. I also know
that the addresses are phony, so that you
>cannot write back and flame the sender. However, I note that these
phony addresses often have the ""
>tag. I have emailed AOL. I am waiting for a response.
>For you technically minded, are these messages really coming from an
AOL customer or am I wasting my time? Can
>anything be done? Sorry for this off-discussion post, but I am sure
these ads are bothering us all.

    I go by a principle that I found in the parable of the seine net
(Mat. 13:47ff.): I gather the good into e-mail directories and throw
the bad away :-)

David Moore

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