Re: Ads

From: Paul_O'
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 11:14:55 EDT

D. Anthony Storm wrote:

>>For you technically minded, are these messages really coming from an AOL
>>customer or am I wasting my time? Can anything be done? Sorry for this
>>off-discussion post, but I am sure these ads are bothering us all.

An explanation I've read of this is that the people who are responsible for this
irritation are taking advantage of these 1 month free deals that AOL and other
online services provide. They set up a connection with some bogus name, SPAM the
daylights out of you and me, and then immediately close off the account. You may
notice that most of these messages are identical except for a few names here and
there, and for the sender. It's almost more irritating than the harassment we
receive via our phone-lines...



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