Re: Pro-seminar literature synoptics?

From: Carlton L. Winbery (
Date: Wed Aug 14 1996 - 02:29:25 EDT

>Next year I have to give a course on the synoptic problem (Q, Redaction-
>History) to a group of what Americans would call undergraduate students.
>Germans would speak of a pro-seminar.
>Question: next to the books of Streeter, Schulz, Schmithals and
>Sanders/Davies, are there any other titles (monographs and essays) you would
>like to recommend to me?
>I thought I might venture to ask this question because I presume that not a
>few members of this list also give this course.
All the books you mention will be helpful, but make sure that they read the
gospels side by side, in Greek if they can, but if not in good modern
translation. The Aland Synopsis should provide a good tool for this. Make
them read every word and compare the parallel accounts.


Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. NT & Greek La College

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