Getting a GNT off the Internet

Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 20:10:21 EST

From time to time, someone comes looking for a Greek NT essentially
for free. I'd just like to make a comment. I don't know anything about
these individuals and or what their intentions are. I would say,
however, that considering the relatively low price of the UBS GNT,
andyou can probably pick up a third edition for cheap, that if possible
one ought to get one. Any version of the GNT you can get off the 'Net
is probably not going to have a text-critical apparatus. SInce there is
no such thing as "THe Greek NT" but approximations by scholars with
various perspectives that lead them to take various readings as most
probably correct (and this is not any sort of judgment about those
reasons -- just an observation about their existence), one should not
blithely equate any given text with a critical edition. NA27 doesn't
hae all those funny marks in it for nothing. In my not so humble
opinion, there are a few basic tools you need to properly study the New
Testament in Greek, and a critical edition is at the top of that list,
folowed second by a good lexicon (see Edward Hobbs's note on
that subject) and an up-to-date grammar. I myself have about both
the UBS and Nestle-Aland critical editions and about six grammatical
tools and I'm sure someone like Carl Conrad or Edward Hobbs would make
my toolset look pathetic. IF all else fails, ask Santa Claus for a
critical GNT.

Ken L.

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