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Date: Thu Nov 28 1996 - 01:00:04 EST

Jonathan Robbie wrote;

>I have only UBS. I keep looking at Nestle-Aland and wondering if I should pick
>it up. When would I want to use the additional textual apparatus in
>What does it do that UBS doesn't?
The N-A26 & 27 deals with far more variants and gives rather full
information concerning those variants if you will take the time to learn to
use the list of cited witnesses in the introduction and the lists of mss
and contents in the appendix. In fact, except for church fathers ( which I
think are very impt), you can get almost all the information in the UBS on
many more places of variation. One variation that comes to mind readily is
Gal. 1:4 PERI or hUPER. The witnesses are much divided, especially the
Alexandrian witnesses with the M favoring the reading in the footnote. A
person would need to use a concordance in dealing with this as the more
difficult reading seems to me to be PERI.

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