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>Speaking of the GNT and the textual apparatus, does anyone know if the
>software packages mentioned lately on this list have GNT's with the textual

I haven't seen any. The only source of critical apparatus in electronic
format that I have seen is the ENTMP project. The ones I found were on the
page, which lists these texts:

  Greek New Testament Manuscripts

     MSS of the Ka sub-text-type, TEI transcriptions of Luke 13-15.
     IGNTP Luke witnesses with dates and classifications
     IGNTP Luke witnesses, the same sorted by date
     IGNTP Luke MS groups by CPM
     TEI/SGML transcription of Freer Gospels book of Matthew
     Postscript Uncial rendition of Freer Gospels book of Matthew, experimental
     Very rough, unfinished readings data obtained from Text und Textwert in
     Database of NT papyri contents from the ENTMP
     Database of NT uncial parchments contents from the ENTMP

  The transliteration used for Greek is that of the CCAT BETA or TLG greek

I have snagged two critical texts from this site. The Ka variations in luke
contain the following:

1. Only Luke chapters 13-15 are transcribed at present.

   The text records all variations between these witnesses:
   TR Kr Kx Kw A K M Y Pi 1200 1220 1223 1319 and 2346, insofar as
   variations are reported in the secondary sources consulted.
   In addition, the supporting attestation of
   N P Q R W 0211 Go Sp Chry Bas gPi gB and gL
   for these readings is frequently reported.
The Acts text is rough, and not yet in SGML, but contains quite a few witnesses.

The Matthew text isn't really a critical text, and doesn't seem to support
variant readings.


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