Date: Thu Feb 27 1997 - 18:07:44 EST

     I need some discussion on the issue of the meaning of EN (a person). I
     overheard a discussion on the use of EN (a person) in John 15:4a
     recently. This is not one of my areas of focus so I am not current on
     the issues involved; but I take the "EN" of John 14:4 as a Dative of
     Association or Unity due to the 15:4b reference to the branches
     remaining EN the vine (association).
     Is this not a Dative of Association/Unity? I tried to look this up in
     the archives and found little. Professor Krentz cited Deissmann which
     I do not have. What resources comment on the Dative of Association/
     Unity, or otherwise, that can give me a sanity check.
     Here are Louw-Nida's comments on John 15:4, on which I am
     89.119 evn: a marker of close personal association - `in, one with,
     in union with, joined closely to.
     ' hOTI EN EMOI hO PATHR KAGW EN TW PATRI `that the Father is in me and
     I am in the Father' Jn 10.38; MEINATE EN EMOI, KAGW EN hUMIN `remain
     in me and I (will remain) in you' Jn 15.4; EIPER PNEUMA QEOU OIKEI EN
     hUMIN `because the Spirit of God dwells in you' Ro 8.9; hUMEIS hO
     what you heard from the beginning remain in you' 1 Jn 2.24; ZHi DE EN
     EMOI Chritos `but Christ lives in me' Ga 2.20.

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