Re: John 15:4 MEINATE EN EMOI?

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Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 16:51:33 EST


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> I'd agree that one ought not to see this EN EMOI as a comitative dative but
> rather as an extension of the locative dative to personal use, and I think
> Jonathan is quite right in understanding this as referring to mystical
> communion of believers with Christ. What is involved here is the
> fundamental and recurrent Johannine usage of MENW and its cognate MONH
> (Elizabethan English "mansion") to give expression to the notion of what I
> like to call "mutual indwelling." It's worth looking at what Raymond Brown
> has to say on MENW (and other verbs too, for that matter) in the appendix
> to the second volume of his Anchor commentary on John's gospel.

While I don't disagree with anything that Carl has written, and heartily
second his recommendation of Brown's volume, there is another important note
to be made here: not all such expressions yield to an exclusively
grammatical solution, for the biblical writers used metaphors just as we do
(and everybody does). This is a metaphor, and the figure of speech MEINATE
EN EMOI should be analyzed with this in mind. Culpepper's volume on John
has an excellent treatment of the author's use of metaphor.

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