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Date: Sat Mar 08 1997 - 06:44:56 EST

At 5:02 AM -0500 3/8/97, Martin A. Childs wrote:
> I do not understand the morphology sufficiently to determine the
>distinction between the "legete" form of Strong's <3004> and the "legeis"
>They both appear to be capable of expressing indicative mood. Yet, the
>former is also capable of being either indicative or imperative.
> For examples of the former see: John 13:13 and Acts 13:15. For the
>latter, I am looking specifically at Luke 23:3. I cannot find a place
>where the latter form is tagged as being imperative.

Your information is correct: LEGEIS is 2 sg. indicative; LEGETE is 2 pl.
indicative OR imperative (only the context can determine clearly which--and
sometimes even the context is insufficiently clear and the reader must make
an intelligent judgment.

> The OnLine Bible lexicon says that the word in Luke 23:3 is in the
>indicative mood, but the context pretty clearly seems to require the
>imperative to me. Is the form of the word here capable of being either
>mood like the "legete"
>form or must it be read as merely indicative?

No, Luke 23:3 quite clearly reads SU LEGEIS, which is indicative, not
imperative. The only question raised by interpreters is whether it is to be
understood as a declarative statement ("You are saying [so]") or a question
("Are you saying [so]?). Either way of understanding it is possible, but
the form in the text is NOT an imperative.

Interpreters have puzzled over this for a long time. Many understand it to
mean that Jesus says to the High Priest, in effect: "That's what YOU are
claiming!" or "Those are YOUR words!" You'll find something like that in
most translations, but there remains the question: was Jesus INTENDING to
be cryptic here? The form of the Greek text is insufficient to answer that

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