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From: Todd Pedlar (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 07:54:04 EDT

Ben Crick wrote:
> No doubt b-greek has a "FAQ" on the preferred method of
> transliteration (but I haven't seen it).
> I find "all caps" rather eye-baffling to read; and the convention
> of Q for Theta always pulls me up with a jerk. Some use C for
> sigma, but S for terminal-sigma. Some tediously note all Iotas
> Subscript; but surely terminal sigmas and iotas subscript are as
> redundant as smooth breathings. Codex Sinaiticus has
> punctuation either you can see it in the British Museum
Using CAPS seems most sensible to me; so that rough breathing
can be transliterated by an h. (as in hO)
alpha A
beta B
gamma G
delta D
epsilon E
zeta Z
eta H
theta Q
iota I
kappa K
lambda L
mu M
nu N
xi X
omicron O
pi P
rho R
sigma S
tau T
upsilon U
phi F
chi C
psi Y
omega W
rough breathing h
iota-subscript i


I think I got this from the b-greek homepage, in which case it should
be the be facto standard for this list.


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