Re: Greek Test. Versions

From: T & J Peterson (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:10:00 EDT

Loomes wrote:

> John 11:1 in my Scr. says
> "een de tis asthenoon lazaros apo beethanias ek tees koomees marias kai
> marthas tees adelphees autees"
> and my other printout says
> "de tis astheneo lazaros bethania kome maria adelphe martha"
> <as I said before, the silly program made no distinction between ee & e>
> I can easily translate the second one - but the first one doesn't fit with
> my dictionary to well...
> So is it a different language (or dialect)?
> What about the whole new words like "autees"?


Actually, it appears that your printout gives only the lexical forms
(and possibly leaves out some less significant words?) It's probably
not designed to be an actual text but to give the word as one would find
it in a dictionary. It would be like taking "ich bin" from German and
making it "ich sein." It doesn't really fit when you try to put it
together as a sentence, because the forms are wrong, but it would make
looking up the words much easier, which seems to be the purpose in your
computer program. The other text is quite accurate, actually, and if I
remember correctly it doesn't even disagree with the UBS/NA text (which
would be what your dictionary was designed for). So learning the
endings is going to be a big issue here, because what you see in the
first sample is what you're going to get in the GNT.


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