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Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 15:27:44 EDT


It's the musician again...

Thank you for all your kind and prompt responses!

I must agree with Carlton Winbery <> though,
when I logged on this morning and recieved 50 Emails half of which were just
gabbling on about 'Barb Thery-ring' it was a bit perplexing.

I hope, though, that people like me might still be able to participate and
I thank you for your attention.

Thankyou Kevin for your explanation, and others for their suggestions on
where to go...

I've read some of the stuff around and I'm pretty clear about the old tree
making-grouping thing. I have known about :

...for quite a while, and from there I down loaded my 'Stephanus' - my problem
now is that I can't seem to download anything else from there.

Basically either their server or my server is to slow (me being in Austalia
might contribute)... and the time left couter just goes through the roof.

So what I did is, I cut and pasted (a bit to start out) some of John (11 & 12)
from a bible package that a friend has...

A while back I bought a "Greek-English" dictionary from the United Bible
Societies so I could look at the word meanings of the Scr. and Steph. -

My understabding of the tree thing was that groupings contained words
differences and reorderings.

But when I compare the Scr. and Steph. with this dictionary I feel like I'm
looking at a different language...

I speak German and read French (I am a singer as well as a composer) -
so I know about word endings and all that...

But what's going on?

As I said before I copied a text file from a bible program (I can't remember
which) - it's basically useless because the transliteration they used
makes no distinction between omega and omicron etc... - but the greek once
you work it out matches the dictionary I have very well.

The research I'm doing depends heavily on the spelling of individual words,
and not so much on the particular versions (or wether Jesus told the
apostles they 'should', shouldn't, 'must' or 'otherwise' take a stalf)
- those these issues are very relevant to my life as a whole.

So what am I looking at here?

<I'll use dodgy double letter transliteration below here>

John 11:1 in my Scr. says

"een de tis asthenoon lazaros apo beethanias ek tees koomees marias kai
marthas tees adelphees autees"

and my other printout says

"de tis astheneo lazaros bethania kome maria adelphe martha"
 <as I said before, the silly program made no distinction between ee & e>

I can easily translate the second one - but the first one doesn't fit with
my dictionary to well...

So is it a different language (or dialect)?
What about the whole new words like "autees"?

Again, which is more like what the original writers wrote - not so much
in terms of meaning and introduced mistakes - but purely in terms of spelling
and grammar?

They did write it originally in Greek, didn't they? <sudden thought> ...?

Anyway, thankyou for helping me.

You're very kind to someone who is coming at certain aspects of all this
from a stilted angle.

By the way,

How do speacial characters like '' come across...
What sort of transliteration should I use in this forum.

I.e. does everyone get a (french) accute accent when I type (ee)
or something like '=F98'?

Very nice talking to you all across the world...

Ben Loomes.

P.S. I visited Kevin's page - very nice - 'link-city!

Someone might like to visit my pages :

Don't miss my wife's (Karen) page, and make sure you get along to Cow Therapy.

                If anyone does not love the Lord,
                let him be accursed. (1 Cor 16:22)


I'd prefer something like...

>From the Gospel of Thomas 1:13

          Jesus said to His disciples,
          "Compare me to someone and tell Me whom I am like."

          Simon Peter said to Him, "You are like a righteous angel."

          Matthew said to Him, "You are like a wise philosopher."
          Thomas said to Him,
         "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying whom You are like."

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