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From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 13:59:22 EDT

Todd Pedlar wrote:

> Ben Crick wrote:
> > No doubt b-greek has a "FAQ" on the preferred method of
> > transliteration (but I haven't seen it).
> > I find "all caps" rather eye-baffling to read; and the convention
> > of Q for Theta always pulls me up with a jerk. Some use C for
> > sigma, but S for terminal-sigma. Some tediously note all Iotas
> > Subscript; but surely terminal sigmas and iotas subscript are as
> > redundant as smooth breathings. Codex Sinaiticus has
> > punctuation either you can see it in the British Museum

    You can find the complete transliteration scheme for Greek, both the
TLGscheme and a more useful modified version, as well as the
transliteration codes for Hebrew at:

Jack Kilmon

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