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Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 09:35:23 EDT

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If you check my post carefully, I said EUQUS when I referred to Mark
and EUQEWS when referring to John 6:21. I was very careful to do that.
I was thinking that EUQEWS is the genitive form, but perhaps adverbial.
Hmm? Thanks for your assistance on this and I will look at your
suggestions closely. They certainly make sense (among other ideas 8:)
Thanks again,
Date: 6/21/97 10:07 AM
To: Lance Crimm
Dear Lance,
In a message dated 6/19/97 4:19:24 PM, you wrote:

<<Zerwick downplays the idea
that EUQUS always means immediately in his Mark section and indicates
that it should be rendered "and then.">>

Actually, the adverb in Jn 6:21 is EUQEWS and not EUQUS. John uses EUQUS
three times (13:30, 32; 19:34) and EUQEWS three times (5:9; 6:21; 18:27).
 I believe each of these six to be temporal uses of the adverbs in the sense
of "immediately."

The analogy to Mark is not helpful given the complexity of the Markan usage.

David Perkins
Good Shepherd Episcopal Ch
Vidalia, LA

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