John 6 and KAI EUQUS

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Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:53:25 EDT

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In John 6 we read about the walking on the water of Jesus during a
storm and the disciples are afraid. We learn from other gospel
passages that the disciples had not comprehended the immediately
preceeding miracle of the feeding of the 5000. I mention this
brief context to all to help in emphasizing my question which I
believe has exegetical implications. ( I would set it up further
if I was allowed more time.) :)
The questoin is,Does the consensus of the B-Greek group think the
use of KAI EUQEWS appearing in verse 21 means the following:

The 12 had been fiercely fighting the waves and had been in the
middle of the sea of Galilee for quite some time (~ 9 hours).
Jesus comes out to them and steps into the boat and they were all
transported staightway or immediately to the other side. Kinda
like Phillip being taken away miraculously by the Ethiopian eunuch or
Jesus just after his baptism. I could go on about why I think
the Greek renders this and why I think it is important (I
think one reason is to demonstrate to them and us the power of
Christ since they did not understand the feeding of the 5000.)
In other words, under human power they could only get so far,
but in his power, goals are immediate.

I hope I haven't gone to far into getting away from the Greek text,
but it is the meaning of EUQUS that I am after to ensure that this
exegetical interpretation is valid. Zerwick downplays the idea
that EUQUS always means immediately in his Mark section and indicates
that it should be rendered "and then."
Anyone having any thoughts on this or books that discuss it, I would
greatly appreaciate learning from you.

Thanks so much,

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