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> [snippage] ... ... Anyway, I am still unsure about
> this idea that John followed or received inspiration from Mark's
> writings. I like to think it is all his own. Maybe that is
> biased on my part, but perhaps he did read Mark's "quick story"
> (I agree with you on this point as well) and subsequently
> wanted to fill in the details. ...

 Hullo Lance:

 Carlton is probably right in his corrective to my post; I don't think
 Barrett made out a good case for dependence on Mark by John. John Wenham
 in his /Redating Matthew Mark and Luke/, Hodder, London, 1991, makes an
 excellent case for early dating of the Synoptics, and by the same token
 an earlier date for John is possible than many allow. For example, JAT
 Robinson in his often ignored /Redating the New Testament/, SCM, London,
 1976, points out that the Pool of Bethesda (John 5) was still in situ at
 the time of writing, therefore /John/ was written before 70 AD. But he did
 not want to unnecessarily reduplicate what the Synoptists had written, so
 he was more selective in his choice of material (John 20:30-31; 21:25).
 There is of course Streeter's suggestion, that John 21 could be the lost
 ending of Mark's Gospel (interesting; but not convincing).

 I was never happy with CH Dodd. I seem to remember in his preface to his
 commentary on Romans saying something like "Sometimes I think St Paul is
 wrong; and where he is wrong, I say so" (p xv???). (I no longer have the
 book, so I can't track down the citation). IMHO we should sit UNDER the
 Scripture in obedience, not OVER it in judgment. Just let's try to understand
 it "as is".


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