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>Clayton asked a question about the revised version of Metzger's Textual
>Commentary on the 4th edition of the UBS Greek NT.
>Now I have never bought a copy of the 4th edition because my wife's 3rd
>edition is still in good nick [after 20 years], though I did wear out my
>copy from carrying to and from theological college [and reading it!]
>I understand that the 4th edition has the same text, but that the
>critical apparatus evaluates some textual problems differently.
>When I look at a 4th edition in a bookshop, the font looks "angry" to
>me! I don't like the sort-of italicized font, do you? I find my 3rd
>edition looks nicer!
>Can anyone tell me whether there is much new material in the revision of
>the textual commentary? Is it worth the $40 it costs in Australia?

Since the UBS editors did change their minds on a number of passages, and
thus presented a slightly different text in the 4th edition of the UBS
Greek text, I would say that if you want to be able to work out why they
did have a change of heart in certain spots, then the updated commentary is
certainly helpful. Whether that information is worth 40 smackeroos to you
is another question altogether! I personally have found the textual
commentary to be interesting in terms of trying to understand the mind of
the committee, but certainly not as useful as a good commentary on a
particular book that takes the time to work through the textual problems.

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