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Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 00:27:16 EDT

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>In Metzger's Textual Commentary on GNT 3rd ed., page 340 the
>comment on Acts 6:10-11 says about the word ANTOFQALMEIN
>that it does *not* appear elsewhere in the GNT. The word does
>appear elsewhere in an uncontested reading in Acts 27:15.
>I would be curious to know if this statement managed to get
>into the Textual Commentary on GNT Fourth Edition. Could some
>one with the fourth edition check this out?

I have the 2d edition of the Textual Commentary on the UBS 4th ed.
On page 298, it reads "The word ANTOFQALMEIN (which does not appear
elsewhere in the New Testament) is used in Wsd 12.14, a passage that
may have influenced the Western reviser of Ac 5.39."

The error is still there.

Stephen Carlson

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