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Date: Tue Aug 05 1997 - 16:43:48 EDT

Carl W. Conrad writes on 8/5/97:

> At 9:46 AM -0400 8/5/97, Peter Phillips wrote:
> >Do you think PAN TO PLHRWMA is the subject of verse 19 or part of an
> >accusative+infinitive construction after EUDOKHSEN with HO QEOS supplied as
> >the subject of this verb?
> I think PAN TO PLHRWMA is indeed the subject of verse 19.
> >If it is the subject what does it mean in a pre/proto-Gnostic setting?
> I've read extensively about this but have never been satisfied that I
> understood the first thing about what it means.

I'm disappointed that Carl has so little to say on a subject in which he is well
versed. Perhaps, we could induce him to speculate.

_Unvarnished NT_, p. 372:

        "He is the beginning, firstborn from among the dead,
        So that among all persons he might have first place,
        Because in him all fullness thought it good to dwell,
        Using his aid to reconcile all things to him,
        (Peacemaker through the blood he shed upon the cross),
        Yes, all things, whether upon the earth or in the skies."

TO PLHRWMA is the spiritual beginning and end of the spirits of created things.
It seems to me that PAN TO PLHRWMA refers to these spirits collectively as
they come and go. Jesus-Anointed is the mediating force (particle) between
the spirit world of TO PLHRWMA and the soul world of the Cosmos, the same
role he plays virtually everywhere. It's like saying Jesus mediates Plato's
Forms into creation and back again, i.e. he is the Demiurge; he mediates
between God and Cosmos; etc.

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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