Re: Metzger Text Comm. Error

From: Mark O'Brien (
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 14:00:31 EDT

>From: Roy Millhouse <>
>Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 09:48:28 -0500
>Subject: Re: Metzger Text Comm. Error
>>I don't think that this is correct. Their ratings of the certainty of
>text has changed (almost >always expressing greater certainty), and
>UBS 3 was set in hot lead, the 4th edition was >electronically typeset
>that for the worse look, IMO), but the base text is the same.
>I was under the same impression: the text of UBS4 is the same as UBS3,
>the ratings and the choice of variants listed in the apparatus had
>not to mention the ugly font.

Yes, of course, you are completely right... don't know what I was
thinking... serves me right for responding so late at night. It was
the apparatus that changed. There was much more Patristic data inserted
and updated, and certainly some of the variants were given different
ratings. The discussions regarding these changes are to be found in the
textual commentary. However, I still stand by my earlier comments
regarding the higher value of a good commentary on a particular book
that works through the text... the Metzger work is not at all
exhaustive, and you might find more information provided by a thorough

Thanks for the correction to an embarrassing statement!

Mark O'Brien
Dallas, TX

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