Re: Changes in UBS GNT 4th ed

From: Clayton Bartholomew (
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 08:24:40 EDT

Mark O'Brien wrote:

Since the UBS editors did change their minds on a number of passages, and
thus presented a slightly different text in the 4th edition of the UBS
Greek text

On Page 46* of NA27 Barbara Aland states: The *text* of this edition reproduces that
of the 26th edition unchanged. . . . {snip} . . . The text of this edition is identical as
before with that of *The Greek New Testament* now its 4th revised edition.

Please correct me if I am missreading you, but it seems that there is some confusion
here. I read the intro to the UBS GNT 4th and NA27 several times. My understanding
is that the Greek Text which is *presented* in this edition is identical to GNT3 and
NA26/27. What has changed is the textual apparatus in the UBS GNT 4th and NA27.
I would assume the textual commontary was ammended to reflect the changes in the
apparatus of GNT 4th edition.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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