Re: Changes in UBS GNT 4th ed

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Thu Aug 07 1997 - 15:56:11 EDT

Clayton Bartholomew wrote:
> Please correct me if I am missreading you, but it seems that there is some confusion
> here. I read the intro to the UBS GNT 4th and NA27 several times. My understanding
> is that the Greek Text which is *presented* in this edition is identical to GNT3 and
> NA26/27. What has changed is the textual apparatus in the UBS GNT 4th and NA27.
> I would assume the textual commontary was ammended to reflect the changes in the
> apparatus of GNT 4th edition.

Yes, that is correct.

Furthermore, aside from the issue of the "upgrades of certainties-scores"
of the various entries, there were --if I recall correctly-- 1440
"entries" in the aparatus to the UBS3. In the UBS4 some were dropped and
some were added, but the net number stayed approximately the same.

The text of the commentary based on the UBS4 was changed to reflect those

BTW, nobody ever answered the original question; i.e. was the apparent
"typo" in the commentary for the 3rd Ed "corrected" in the commetary for
the 4th edition.

I would be glad to look this up, but --sadly-- my copies of the relevant
books are _still_ in storage. (Sigh... someday... someday...)

Nichael Cramer

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