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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 08:09:06 EDT

>Furthermore, aside from the issue of the "upgrades of certainties-scores"
>of the various entries, there were --if I recall correctly-- 1440
>"entries" in the aparatus to the UBS3. In the UBS4 some were dropped and
>some were added, but the net number stayed approximately the same.

One other note worth mentioning: there are over 600 variants discussed in
the 3d ed. Txt. Comm. that are NOT in the apparatus of the 3d ed. Gk. NT
(so the comm. effectively extends the apparatus). Over half of these
additional entries are for variants in the text of Acts. I counted and
indexed such instances many years ago--in the days of the typewriter, so
unfortunately I can't easily provide the index.

I wonder if the same is true of the 4th ed. comm.? Someday I'll have to
break down and buy one to see.

>BTW, nobody ever answered the original question; i.e. was the apparent
>"typo" in the commentary for the 3rd Ed "corrected" in the commetary for
>the 4th edition.

It must have slipped by, I thought that someone had confirmed that it has
indeed remained unchanged in the new edition.


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