Re: Changes in UBS GNT 4th ed

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 18:20:33 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:

>Many thanks to Dale for his detailed comparison of the UBS3/UBS4/NA26/NA27
>text and punctuation. A brief thread on this a few years ago caused me to
>find one unnoted difference.

Detailed ?? Surely, Edward, you must have your tongue firmly planted in
your cheek ?!

>My question is: Are there other than "rare exceptions"? Typos, of course;
>misprints, of course; slips-between-the-cracks, of course. But do has Dale
>(or anyone else) found any sort of consistent divergence of punctuation?
>Even in matters of capitalization, UBS 4 seems to have come into conformity
>with NA 27.

The only consistent difference I've seen has been capitalization at the
beginning of quotations and quasi-quotations, as well as sub-sections
within quotations. For example, compare the "quotes" in Matt 21. Also
compare Matt 20:31; 21:10 for a "quote", but not from the OT.

Another interesting phenomenon, which I've not chased extensively, is the
divergence concerning place names between the texts, represented by their
capitalization or lack thereof; eg., Matt 21:1.


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