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From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Fri Aug 08 1997 - 18:27:07 EDT


Many thanks to Dale for his detailed comparison of the UBS3/UBS4/NA26/NA27
text and punctuation. A brief thread on this a few years ago caused me to
find one unnoted difference.

On only one point, however, I must ask a question. The claim by the Alands
at the time (confirmed by my own spot checks) was that the decision was
made to change the punctuation in UBS 3/"Corrected" to conform to that in
NS26, for good reason. [UBS 3 = 1975; UBS 4 = 1983] It was their
declared intention to make UBS and NA agree in both text and punctuation,
though not in apparatus. Their screening was not 100%, hence tiny
variations between UBS 3 and NA 26. Then they announced (1993) that NA 27
and UBS 4 had identical text and punctuation, and also that both were the
same as NA 26 in paragraphing and punctuation "with rare exceptions."

My question is: Are there other than "rare exceptions"? Typos, of course;
misprints, of course; slips-between-the-cracks, of course. But do has Dale
(or anyone else) found any sort of consistent divergence of punctuation?
Even in matters of capitalization, UBS 4 seems to have come into conformity
with NA 27.
        [Footnote for the curious: UBS 1, UBS 2, and UBS 3 (NOT
        "Corrected") all were punctuated and capitalized very much in
        English-language fashion, probably to aid the many ABS
        translators of the text into as-yet-no-vernacular-Bible
        languages. NA26 tried to follow Greek usage; earlier Nestles
        had followed German-style, as UBS followed English-American.]

In other words, are there real divergences, or are there "minutiae," to
quote Dale?

Edward Hobbs (also a "minutiae-ologist")

------------------------Dale wrote: --->

For those of you/us "minutiae-ologists" out there, it isn't *exactly* true
that UBS3 text = UBS4 text = NA26/27 text...

There are punctuation differences between the two.

There are differences of capitalization, some caused by the preceding.

NA26 was changed to match UBS3/4 for NA27 at 2Tim 3:25 by moving the iota
subscript on DWH. There were some other changes, all minor, as well.

There are some actual differences between UBS4 and NA27, all of them I've
encountered--if memory serves-- are because of differences in how a word is
split/not split, eg., 1Cor 6:3 MHTIGE or MHTI GE.

I've not encountered any different words or word orders, however.


Dale M. Wheeler, Th.D.

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