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Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 16:21:13 EST

OK group, here's what a TLG D disk search turns up. Sorry if anything
seems garbled and is out of historical order. Copying references is not
something that the search software seems it wants uses of the TLG to do:
it's taken me the last three hours to do the transfer of the references
of the saved search for AGAMO/AGAMW to a dos file that I could via my

 Homerus Epic.
 Il 3.40

  Aeschylus Atheniens
 Supp 143
 Supp 153
 Thales Phil.
  Testimonia 1.37
Euripides Trag.
 Alc 882
 Alc 888
 Supp 786
 IT 220
 Hel 689
 Hel 690
 Or 205

 Sophocles Trag.
 Ant 867
 OT 1214

 Isaeus Orat.
 Or7 5.6
 Plato Phil.
 Symp 192.b.3
 Phaedr 240.a.6
 Leg 774.a.5
 Telestes Lyr.
  Fragmenta 1a.6
 Phrynichus Comic.
 Fragmenta 18.3
 Fragmenta Mon.1.3
 Dionysius Scytobrac
  Fragmenta 1a,32,F (3 times)

 Hyperides Orat.
  Lyc Ar.10.25

 Demosthenes Orat.
  Or44 10.3
  Or44 18.7
  Or44 32.3

 Dinarchus Orat.
  Fragmenta 19.6.5

 Hyperides Orat.
  Lyc Ar.10.25

 Athenaeus Soph.
 Deipn 13.2.5
 Deipn 13.2.10
 Deipn 14.7.22
 Deipnosophistae 2
 Deipnosophistae 2
 Dionysius Halicarnasus
  Antiq Rom
  Antiq Rom
  Antiq Rom
  Antiq Rom

 Plutarchus Biogr.
 Rom 3.3.5
 Comparatio Thesei et Romuli 6.2.5
 Lyc 15.1.6
 Cam 2.4.2
 Cim 4.4.7
 Luc 18.8.1
 Septem sapientium convivium 163.b.7
 Septem sapientium convivium 164.b.5
 Apophthegmata Laconica 227.E.11
 Aetia Romana et Graeca 273.B.3
 Aetia Romana et Graeca 288.F.8
 De tranquillitate animi 466.C.7
 Consolatio ad uxorem 611.C.5
 Dio Chrysostomus So
  Orationes 11.55.7

 Xenophon Hist.
  Symp 9.7.2

 Acusilaus Hist.
  Fragmenta 8.6

 Hellanicus Hist.
  Fragmenta 1a,4,F.

 Lucianus Soph.
 Dear Iud 3.8
 Dear Iud 3.9
 Dear Iud 4.4
 Dear Iud 4.8
 Herodianus et Pseud
 De prosodia catholica
 Cassius Dio Hist.
 Historiae Romanae 54.16.1
 Historiae Romanae 56. Pin.1
 Historiae Romanae 764.2

 Pausanias Perieg.
 Graeciae descript
 Aelianus Soph.
 Fr 124.5

 Clemens Alexandrinu
 Paedagogus 2.10bi
 Stromata 3.10.68.
 Stromata 3.11.71.
 Stromata 3.12.88.
 Stromata 3.12.88.
 Stromata 3.15.98.
 Stromata 3.15.99.
 Stromata 3.18.108

 Athenagoras Apol.
 Legat 33.2.5
 Vettius Valens Astr
  Anthologiarum lib ix 2.19; 115.9; 121.2; 121.18; 189.16;
  191.9; 195.4

Hope this is of some use.

Jeffrey Gibson

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