Re: AGAMOS outside NT

From: Ward Powers (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 19:45:49 EST

At 15:21 97/10/28 -0600, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>OK group, here's what a TLG D disk search turns up. Sorry if anything
>seems garbled and is out of historical order. Copying references is not
>something that the search software seems it wants uses of the TLG to do:
>it's taken me the last three hours to do the transfer of the references
>of the saved search for AGAMO/AGAMW to a dos file that I could via my

[SNIP of the listing]

Thanks, Jeffrey, for that list, and the work involved.

By my count, that comes to 81 references.

Is there anyone, now, who is able to do/interested in doing an examination
of these references in context to see what light they may throw on the
question which arose on-list earlier? This was, Does AGAMOS refer (in
non-NT occurrences) (a) only to those who have never married; (b) only to
those who have been previously married - i.e., the widowed and divorced; or
(c) equally to those who have never married and to those who have
previously been married.



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