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Date: Tue Oct 14 1997 - 15:03:41 EDT

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>Thanks for the correction. I don't have my Wuerthwein here at home, but
>will check it tomorrow. I am aware of the tiqqune sopherim, particularly
>the case in Genesis 18:22 where Yahveh stood before Abraham was changed to
>and Abraham stood before Yahweh. In my Kittel Biblia Hebraica,

I am using BHS. So I am not sure what Kittel did.

> though, that
>one is clearly marked in the apparatus as a tiqun sopherim, but I don't
>find a reference to it in Job 2:9. Is there another way these were
>indicated besides the abreviation tiq soph?

Again, I am not sure what Kittel did.

>The reason I offered the
>example I did was the Brown Driver Briggs entry: "bless, with the
>antithetical meaning curse (Thes) from the greeting in departing, saying
>adieu to, taking leave of; but rather a blessing overdone and so really a
>curse as in vulgar English as well as in the Shemitic cognates."

I think maybe Brown and company are stretching for an answer that is
unnecessary. Such comparative-linguistic analyses are not needed when one
sees what the MT scribes were in the habit of doing.


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