Re: Book explaining sentence diagramming?

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 20:46:00 EST

Oh TELEOI of the Diagramming Guild:

What I use for Syntax and Diagramming is available from the
GRAMCORD Institute, my students purchase it as one of their

John McClean, Diagramming Workbook Based on Philippians.

It uses the method found in Grassmick, but is much more
detailed. It has a set of syntax notes showing how to
diagram the various categories. It has a fully
syntactial analysis of Philippians as well accompanying
the diagram.

It uses a method to teach diagramming in which first
a full diagram of the first passages in Phil is given,
then words disappear, then lines, the finally the
student must create the whole thing. It really works !!

Ok, ok, I'll also put a plug in for John's and my
diagrams for most of the NT which are also available
through the GRAMCORD Institute.

BTW, we are looking for someone who is REALLY SERIOUS
to take our diagrams (which were done in ChiWriter
format) and turn them into MSWord-type Win95 documents.
Accordance users are also sought to do the same via
the Accordance diagramming feature. The pay is
terrible, the hours are long, but you'll have the
eternal gratitude of the NT community when done !


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