LXX quotations

From: Brian E. Wilson (brian@twonh.demon.co.uk)
Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 07:24:23 EST

>Andrew S. Kulikovsky asks:
>Are all the OT quotations in the NT from the LXX, or are some directly
>from the Hebrew?

Are there any word-for-word exact quotations from the LXX in the NT? Is
not the LXX used in the NT not so much for quotations as for allusions?

Paul, and other NT writers who allude to the Old Testament whether in
Hebrew or Greek, were usually not too bothered about the exact wording
of any text they were adapting. They were not literalists.

Paul himself wrote (2 Cor 3:6b) - TO GAR GRAMMA APOKTEINEI - "for the
written letters bring death" (Jerusalem Bible translation). I agree with

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