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From: Paul S. Dixon (
Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 13:47:25 EST

On Mon, 09 Feb 1998 11:15:42 -0700 Glen Riddle <> writes:
>Yes! I did mean I Tim. Carl Conrad caught that in 12 minutes! Paul
>wasn't far behind. Don't read what I wrote; read what I meant or would
have >meant if I'd been thinking what I meant to mean.

Actually, I did mine independently of Carl. So, we have two readings
from different text camps (to continue the textual criticism analogy).
That should give it even more clout. Sure is nice still having the
author around. :)
>Subjective: problem with that is that Paul is exhorting Tim to be a
>role model for the believers. If subjective the believers out there
>be doing the modeling. I've always been more open to possessive than
>grammars, so
>I think I'll buy Carl's view in a New York minute.

Hey, I never have a problem deferring to Carl. Before I bow, however,
you said,
"if subjective the believers out there would be doing the modeling." No,
if subjective, then the type or example of Timothy would be the object
which the believers, the subject, would be imitating.

Paul Dixon

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