Re: UBS 27 Program -- Follow Up Report

From: Benjamin Raymond (
Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 19:54:48 EST

At 03:00 PM 2/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I took the time to download and install the Sword Project's GNT program.
>Apparently because of copyright problems, the Greek font was removed from
>the program. I contacted the developer who told me to edit a file and
>substitute another font. I substituted SPIonic, but could not get the font
>to display. Then I used SGreek, but not all of the characters displayed
>properly. If any of you found a way around, let me know.

I tried out the Sword Project's NA27 as well. It ran fine on my system,
although the text didn't display unless I scrolled up or down for some
reason (Win95).

The font is actually rather funky, so I tried copying it to the clip board
(not on the right click menu... had to use CTRL+C) and pasting it to
WordPad. This worked fine, and the font is listed as Greek Regular
(although the font doesn't seem to exist on my system! If anyone can
explain this I'd be grateful... I tried opening it in Lotus WordPro and the
fontbar said "Greek Regular" in bright red letters. Never saw that
before). I changed it to Greek font and it looked a bit clearer, although
it's still not my favorite. I'll be glad to e-mail this font to anyone who
thinks this might help.

>The program looks promising, but it needs more development. I thought this
>might save some of you needless trouble.

Yep, it needs lots of development. I can count the pull-down menu options
on one hand! Can't beat the price, though. And the "About" notes are
rather humorous.

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