Re: AUTWN and Rev. 6:17

Date: Tue Feb 24 1998 - 10:45:21 EST

Dear Edgar:

<< How do you B-Greekers suggest one translates AUTWN in Rev. 6:17? Should it
be "his" or "their"? What should govern one's choice of translation in this
 Edgar Foster
 Classical Languages Major >>

AUTWN should be translated "their," but some mss. have AUTOU, and that is why
some translations read " his" at this verse. If you have my book, take a look
in Chapter 10, there's a note that gives a brief summary of these variants. I
don't have my book or any text with me right now, so I can't give you any
other specifics.

Greg Stafford
University of Wisconsin

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