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Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 17:19:31 EST

On Wed 25 Feb 98 (13:42:49 +0100), wrote:
> Could somebody help me with a word from LXX. I can't possible find out
> what is the form and meaning of word in Song of Solomon (Canticum) 4:4.
> The word
> is:

> qalpiwq

> Any suggestions?


 It looks like a straight transliteration of the Hebrew TaLPiYaH meaning a
 tower; see Strong's number 08530; Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament
 (TWOT) 2517.

 The "tower" in question is used as an armoury, where the soldiers could
 keep their weapons and their shields until required for use.

 As with all hAPAX LEGOMENA, a certain-sure translation is not possible.


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