Covenants - their interrelationship and present validity

Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 06:55:19 EST

I hope I may be forgiven for a request which is very much at the fringe of the
scope of both b-greek and b-hebrew.

I am interested in the interrelationship of the Biblical covenants and the
present validity, or otherwise, of those covenants.

My interest is primarily in the Biblically defined covenants. Perhaps it would
help to clarify my interest if I posed three specific questions:

1. How do the Abrahamic, Sinaitic and New Covenants inter-relate? Are the
latter two what might be termed "sub-covenants" of the Abrahamic or are all
three covenants of equal status?

2. Is the Sinaitic Covenant still in effect? If not, what is the Biblical
basis for such an assertion? Can the Sinaitic and New Covenants operate
effectively in parallel? If not, why not? If the Sinaitic Covenant remains in
operation, do both the blessings and the curses still apply?

3. Is there a detailed consideration of the New Covenant as described in the
Hebrew Scriptures/Tanakh (without imposing on it the details of the New
Testament scriptures)? How do the New Covenant and the Messiah relate?

I would be particularly interested in
1. Christian accounts of the "non-New" covenants. I am familiar with the
classic systematic theologies by Hodge, Berkhof, Strong etc and the more
recent works by Grudem and Fruchtenbaum. Has there been a systematic
reevaluation of the issue post the 1948 establishment of the state of Israel?
2. Jewish or Christian accounts of the New Covenant and its inter-relationship
to the Messiah, based on the Hebrew Scriptures/Tanakh.

Given that the request is very much at the fringe of the respective lists
perhaps it might be most appropriate for any responses to be off list.

Dr. Andrew Watt

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