Re: just wondering

From: McKay family (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 00:39:34 EST

JM Jackson wrote:
>For my own benefit, do you think this statement is accurate?
>Inerrantists ~generally~ are Byzantine text people and Alexandrian text
>are ~generally~ not?
>Please, please, puhlease!!!! no arguing. Only a yea or a nay.

All sweeping statements are wrong [including this one!]
I know that is illogical
I like it like that!

Overwhelmingly, most Christians accept that the textual critics know what
they are doing. Only a few disagree with the main conclusions of textual
criticism [I think]

Getting off the topic, I think most inerrantists would be creationists,
though! [But I ain't!]
David McKay

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