Re: (phonemes) Particle Construction of (Greek) Words

Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 11:24:28 EST

Edgar Foster wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > Bless you Edgar!!
> >
> > Whodathunkit??
> >
> > Eschew is the verb, of-SHY-ness doing. Too Cool!
> >
> > My horses do that all the time, and when a horse does it with a rider
> > on board, off-boardedness is a common result! "Whoa there, Baxter!
> > Now don't you be shying off from that there old dad-burned dead
> > chicken!!"
> >
> > Grace to You ~
> >
> > George
> George,
> Have I ever told you that you have the unmitigated ability to put an
> EKTENOWS MEGAN :-) on my face.
> EIRENE sir,
> E. Foster

Well Ah kin tell yer, Edgar, them pearly whites a yers'd lite up a

An Ah thankee fer thet ide-graf thet saved me from the lex, yes Ah

Seein how folks round here'bouts be a tad backwards 'pared ta usn's ~
they jes doan unnerstand 'bout eschewin' ... Whay they think, a harse
be eschewin' grass 'n' hay, fer dad-burn sakes!!! They's jes'
ignerant, thas all. An Ah kin tell yer fer a fak, they's a gonna be a
lookin' me a mite queer come time they hear me a tellin' ol' Bax ta
stop eschewin' thet ol' ded chicken, er eny thing else, come to put ma
thinker on it... Aaw spittle! They's jes ignerant, thas all... Ain'
got a chaw a common sense...

And how to be kind... and helpful... and truthful when any of 'them'
asks what the Bible actually says, is ALWAYS within the horizon of my

Stories help...

EIRENE TOU QEOU to you too, Brother!


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