Re: (phonemes) Particle Construction of (Greek) Words

Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 12:42:08 EST

Ben Crick wrote:
> On Sun 22 Mar 98 (20:04:25), wrote:
> > And, while we're at it, does anyone know etymology of skivvies. The
> > double v is most unusual in English.
> Edgar:

> What meaning do *you* assign to the English "skivvies"?
> --
> Revd Ben Crick, BA CF

Ben ~

When I was a pup in 'this man's army', some time just before the end
of the ice age, our skivvies was just our underware ~ boxer shorts ~
and not a thread more, 'cept'n maybe our 'T's.

Does call to mind the English word Skiff, a minimal boat, even a
menial boat, like your housekeepers doing the menial work.

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