Re: Another Carson Question--Sort Of

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Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 23:49:49 EDT

>I believe, IMHO, that Wallace has done the most exhaustive work on the
>Granville Sharp Rule... you should read either his PhD dissertation or the
>summary of this in his grammar. The bottom line (according to Wallace)...
>GS applies only to those cases where:
>1. neither noun is impersonal
>2. neither noun is plural
>3. neither noun is a proper name

There is a more recent work than Wallace's that deals exhaustively with the
Granville-Sharp Rule. Greg Stafford, in his new book "Jehovah's Witnesses
Defended - An Answer to Scholars and Critics", (1998), 221-248 refers to and
commends Wallace on his research, and then further demonstrates the
eligibility of "quasi-proper names" (name from Kuehne) in the category of #3
above for exclusion under the Granville-Sharp Rule. This extensive treatment
is presented in the chapter "Excursus - The Significance of Article-Noun-Kai-
Noun Constructions In Passages Relating to the Divinity of Christ." I
recommend you include this reading in your research.

Mark Jones

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