Re: Dead Sea Mark

From: Jane Harper (
Date: Sun Apr 26 1998 - 14:29:21 EDT

> ><< the legend of
> > the lone genius who suffers endless years of supression at the hands of the
> > entrenced "guild" only to emerge victorious and to be shown to have been
> > "right all along" is virtually always exactly that: a fairy tale. >>
> >
> >I take it you've never heard of Galileo, Copernicus and others?
> Indeed I have. And they provide as strong a case for the point I was
> atempting to make as any.
> More to the point --and perhaps singularly relevant in the current
> context-- we should note that opposition to their views came almost
> exclusively from ecclesiastical and political circles.

This is off-topic to NT Greek, but ... is it possible that the views of Thomas
Kuhn might be relevant here? He was writing about the sciences, but his
fundamental ideas can be applied to the humanities as well.

Jane Harper
lowly seminarian

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