Re: How Long to Learn K. Greek?

From: Allison Sanders (
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 17:21:11 EDT

>How long, does it take for some one who not a John Brown type to become more
>or less competent in NT Greek?

Well, what do you know? After all this time, I'm actually going to say
something else on this list!
I love Greek! I'm still studying it in college (which ends in May, praise
the Lord!), but I will certainly continue studying it past that time. This
is my 3rd full year of Koine Greek, and I'm good if compared with other
Greek students on campus. But when compared to the people on this list
(Carl Conrad, Clayton Stirling Batholomew, Mike Pizzi--to name a few) I
know next to nothing. I don't know when I'll be really competent, but after
3 years I can handle much of John's stuff without a lexicon, and can work
pretty quickly through Paul's *with* a lexicon. I haven't even touched
Hebrews yet. I dream of the day when I will open my Greek New Testament and
my head will suddenly fill with all of the obscure vocabulary and grammar
points that had until then evaded me, and I will read with perfect
understanding. I guess I'll have to wait until heaven!


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