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Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 12:25:55 EDT

Jack Kilmon wrote:
> wrote:
> > Jack ~
> >
> > The one I have been 'looking' at is the etymological relationship, if
> > there is one, between the Egyptian Horus and the Greek HORAW.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> Of course many of the Egyptian names for its kings
> and deities come to us in Greek transliteration, i.e
> Osirus for (SR, Tutmosis for jhwtymes, etc. The Egyptian
> for Horus was probably something like hrw (heROO). I need
> to get a handle on HORAW. What is the M-C transliteration?
> Can you give me a meaning and context from other writings?
> The Greek (ORAW, impf of (ORATOJ, -H, -ON for that which
> has to do with sight?
> My first blush is that HORUS is a Greek transliterated
> HRW but since the Egyptian word for "sight" is also HR and
> the heiroglyph for sight (a small face) is part of the
> determinatives in HRW (Horus), there definitely seems to
> be an etymological connection.

God bless you, Jack ~

You answered that question to a TEE!! I can take it OFF my very
overcrowded back burners of simmering pots of unanswered questions!
!!!!YES!!!!YES!!!!YES!!!! NEVER underestimate the value of removing
ONE of those pots!!

There! I'm past that little outburst!

The connections between horoscope, Horus, hORAW, hORIZW, and even ol'
Horatio Algiers now seem to show an etymological lineage back into
Egyptian times. Sun and stars and staring at them and predicting the
seasons [horticulture?] and thus the future. I suspected the Egyptian
god Horus, which might very well be an exegetical [to Egyptian
religion] name, might very well be the origin of the Greek hOR root.
Until such time as new evidence arises, I'm taking that understanding
to the bank, thanks to you!

Thanks again ~

George Blaisdell

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