Re: 1 John 3:9

Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 15:22:35 EDT

Bill Ross wrote:
> >> BILL
> >> I don't have that book.
> >> What do you think is the "logic" or argument of
> >> "sin not doing...
> >> because his seed in him abides and not he is able to be
> sinning...
> >> because of God he has been birthed"?

> Edgar, please don't think I am trying to prove "sinless perfectionism"! My
> sordid track record would never allow for such an interpretation! But, I am
> convinced that traditional interpretations are missing the full impact of
> these words. The nature of God within us is not "mostly righteous", but
> "unable to be sinning".

> >> How does John want us to see cause and effect here?
> >
> >I hope the above helps. I would succintly say that John's point is:
> >"birth from God (the cause) produces (the effect) eschewing of
> >habitual sin."

Bill and Edgar ~

This gets very interesting, and I am wondering here if the birthing of
God in our fleshy bodies and flesh focused minds might not spend a
long time in the 'birth canal'... Hence the death/rebirth thematic
[Lazarus] followed by the infusion [narrated AFTER that accounting in
John] of God's Spirit, which culminates on the cross, and then, even
AFTER the cross, is so easily lost track of. [Lazarus was the one who
told Peter Who was on the shore, for instance... Peter did NOT
know... Lazarus DID...]

Is this b-greek???

George Blaisdell

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