grammars: Hewett, Voelz, etc.

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Date: Sat May 16 1998 - 11:31:53 EDT

At 09:23 98/05/16 -0400, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>From the reference works that I brought with me for the summer I find the
>following: Robertson, Ch 5, pp. 143-176; Smyth (very clear and very good),
>pp. 225-254; BDF ##108-125, pp. 58-68.

On this subject, what first grammar would the list recommend to someone
teaching themselves who has just finished Dobson's course and has
probably not had much experience of formal grammar before?

      Giving the following * to ***** stars would be helpful

I've ruled out BDF, ATR, Wallace, Porter, and Moulton-Turner as being
too heavy. CBD doesn't list Smyth (because classical Gk?) but lists the
following that look hopeful, none of which I have seen:

Brooks/Winberry: Second Year intermediate grammar (too difficult?)
Dana/Mantey: Manual Grammar of NT
Easley: Common sense approach (must be a course?)
Hewett J: NT Gk a beginning-intermediate grammar.
Summers/Sawyer: Essentials of NT Greek (a coursebook or a grammar?)
MacDonald: Greek Enchiridian (fossil)
Machen J: NT Gk for beginners (probably a coursebook?)
Mounce: Basics of Biblical Gk (ditto?)
Perschbacher W: NT Gk Syntax an illustrated manual
Rienecker F: Linguistic key to NT (a parsing manual?)
Voelz J: Fundamental Greek Grammar
- I assume the following do not include grammars:
Friberg: Analytical Gk NT
Han: Parsing Manual

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