RE: grammars: Hewett, Voelz, etc.

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat May 16 1998 - 16:32:10 EDT

At 11:57 AM -0400 5/16/98, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>> Hmmm...I guess that's really all I've used. Lately I was pleased to find
>> Machen's grammar for 25 cents and Ray Summer's grammar for 50 cents.
>[gasp] Machen for 25 cents? Pardon me while I beat my head against a wall
>repeatedly!!! (I think I spent $45 on mine.)

I do have compassion on you, Perry. I really think that 25 cents is about
all Machen's worth. I have taught out of it (but then I have only rarely
taught beginning Koine--we usually have people do a year of Attic and then
give them a tutorial in Koine if they want it), before it went to such an
outrageous price, but sentences is not the way to go for learning Greek:
one needs connected passages, and probably long connected passages of
narrative before one starts working on letters.

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